Finding Safety in our Bodies

Finding Safety in our Bodies - Trauma-Informed Grounding Practices in Therapeutic Yoga/ Yoga Therapy.

Trauma-informed grounding practices help us to come into our ventral state of regulation where we can reconnect to a more safe and present experience. These practices take our personal capacity, preferences and present nervous system state into account. A supportive grounding practice is one that resonates with what feels safe, what is comfortable and which takes into account as accurately as possible what is available to you in that moment. Grounding is not a one-size-fits-all technique that works for everyone, every time. In our one-to-one sessions, we will learn what works for you and grow your capacity from this island of safety.

My experiences on my own healing journey have supported me to appreciate the need to honour the needs of each person in navigating themselves back to safety. I have, in the past, been in classes and sessions where I was guided through generic grounding practices that left me feeling overwhelmed and dissociated. I felt a pressure to arrive at a calm place which was far from how I really felt in my body. I experienced constriction, dis-ease and a feeling of shame from not finding those practices helpful in that moment.

Trauma-informed grounding practices are different. They have a gentle and compassionate approach in supporting you to feel safe in your body. They reliably meet you where you are in your nervous system, helping you to soothe and regulate in a slow and titrated way. This is extremely important so we are not left overwhelmed, disconnected or re-traumatized.

Trauma informed grounding practices are an integral part of the work I weave into my one-to-one sessions. If you are curious to explore Therapeutic Yoga/Yoga Therapy or Somatic Yoga, feel free to get in touch for more information. I offer one-to-one sessions in Cork and internationally. You can work with me face-to- face and online.

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